Window Glazing

To achieve the look of an original box sash window that would have been single glazed, we use slim, high performance double glazed units, manufactured under the same roof as Herald Joinery, by our sister company Slenderpane Ltd.

The main features of these units are:

Glass – Many different types of glass are available to meet your needs. These could be soft-coated glass for enhanced thermal insulation, laminated glass for security, acoustic glass for noise reduction, solar control glass to reduce furniture fading etc.

Gas Fill – As the cavity within the unit is smaller than on a normal double glazed unit we use the heavy inert gases krypton and xenon. These enable us to achieve the thermal values required to meet building regulations and assist with reduced noise transference.

Warm Edge Spacers – The perimeter of the glass unit is sealed with a thermally efficient warm edge spacer that has insulating properties dramatically reducing heat loss by 94% over a standard aluminium spacer. See Other benefits are up to 2db reduced noise transmission and up to 70% reduced condensation.

NB. Wider glass units are available if required. These may increase the thermal and sound resistance properties.

Examples of work which Herald Joinery has completed using Slenderpane’s Slim Glass Units:

  • Xenia Hotel, Cromwell Street, London for windows and glass.
  • Linden Homes’ Ashlar Court in Hammersmith with over 400 windows and glass.
  • Harrodian School in Barnes windows and glass.
  • The Old Battersea Police Station replacing all Sash Windows.
  • Great Portland Road London windows and glass.