Flush Casement Timber Windows

We have developed a new traditional, single or double glazed flush casement wood window that has all the elegant features you would expect. Our casement windows are handmade and bespoke to your requirements at our Buckinghamshire workshop in Haddenham.

The casement windows have the additionalal enhancements that are not normally available on a flush casement window:

Shoot Bolt Locking – The frame and window sashes are fitted with multi-point shoot bolt locking system that offers significant additional security and results in a tighter seal of the casement window, thereby increasing its thermal qualities.

Friction Stay Hinges – Fitted at the top and bottom of the window, friction stay hinges replace conventional window stays but offer the following advantages:

They are hidden when closed thereby presenting a neater and more elegant appearance.

When fully open, it is possible to clean the outside of the window from inside the house.

They more reliably enable the window to be fully or partially open without fear of damage being caused by the wind.

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